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Our highly professional approach to Sydney SEO is aimed at providing our clients with an unmatched Return-On-Investment (ROI). Our goals are always long term. To build long term, mutually beneficial client relationships. Long term success for our clients. Long term ROI. We’re not looking for quick client signups – ‘get’em in etc. Sydney SEO should be a long term, ongoing process. Our focus is always on long-term accountability.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is by far the most cost effective, long term digital marketing strategy for your business, if it’s done correctly. Just beware all the sharks out there waiting to grab your hard earned money by promising you the World.

Our methodical approach to Sydney SEO will increase your website traffic with a long term, cost effective strategy.

Your goal when planning a website should always be to rank high in the organic results of a search engine so that your website can easily be found by your potential customers.

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to suit your business goals and budget.

The SEO Sydney Pro team of professionals have many years experience in the SEO industry and hold an enviable track record when it comes to the long term ranking success of their clients. When evaluating the need for the best strategy for your business you need to ask yourself this question – Can my customers find our website? Our website marketing services deliver top search engine placements that will put you ahead of your competition!

What does
Search Engine Optimisation involve?

SEO is a very complex process which involves a number of different steps. When you work with us at SEO Sydney Pro, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we will follow all Sydney SEO best practices to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Why choose us?

  • We specialize in creating superior ROI
  • We focus on developing long term, ongoing relationships.
  • We have over 20 years of online experience.
  • We provide premium customer service.
  • We deliver quality solutions of the highest standards.
  • We are dedicated SEO experts. Our SEO services are not just an ‘add-on’.

Our SEO procedure
for new clients is as follows:

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  • First, we will undertake a complete SEO audit of your website. This allows us to identify problems with your site, to prioritise our action, and to work through all of the major problems in an efficient manner.
  • The on-page optimisation campaign will then commence following the SEO audit. This includes tasks such as a keyword analysis, setting meta titles, fixing any poorly formatted code, adding keywords where appropriate and ensuring the correct headings are in place - among many other items.
  • Once the on-page optimisation is complete, we embark on the off-page optimisation campaign - otherwise known as link building. This is done on a continuous basis throughout the life of the SEO campaign.
SEO Sydney Pro

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Yes, we are. SEO Sydney Pro (SSP) is 100% Australian owned and operated. We service clients in Sydney as well as all other Australian cities and regions – as well as internationally. Our staff are highly skilled SEO technicians, copy writers and SEO developers.

There are a large number of variables involved with the cost that you may pay to be successful with Sydney SEO. These include: Are you in a highly competitive industry? (… the more people trying to get ranked high in Google’s search results for the same keywords, the harder it will be to be successful). Where is your audience? Is your target audience local ie: your local suburb, your local city or is it right across your state – or indeed national? The larger the target audience, the more potential market you will reach. This will need an increasingly higher SEO budget.

No. We have been working online since 1998 and have a highly experienced and loyal team.

There is often a misconception among those new to Sydney SEO that only external links carry any weight, but that is not the case. In fact, planning and implementing a proper internal linking structure can provide your website with a huge boost to its SEO and subsequently, its ranking.

Internal links are those which you link within your website and includes links to and from pages, categories, posts, images, and other content. It is important to note that linking internally cannot be done in a haphazard and random manner, otherwise, it has little or no benefit.

External linking is obviously those links which you create on other websites, including social media. One of the main differences that external linking has is that you have less control over them than you do with internal links.

Black hat SEO is the means by which some website owners and SEO operatives use dodgy practices to try and rank websites which go against the guidelines set out by the search engines and, in particular, those of Google. Some black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking links and using domain redirects to trick the search engines into thinking a website has more authority than it should have. Black hat SEO should not be used if you value your business as once Google catches a website using black hat SEO, and they invariably do, that website will disappear from the search engine results.

That is a question that if any SEO company gives you a specific answer to, such as ‘4 weeks’, you should run a mile. To be that specific means they are either going to employ black hat techniques for a short-term win but give you a long term nightmare when your site gets blacklisted, or they are not being straight with you. Even the very best SEO experts cannot be that precise given there are thousands of factors at play in ranking on the search engines.

While there are many techniques that we go through to improve ranking and as they all have an accumulative effect, the expectation would be that unless it is an extremely popular keyword already dominated by high authority websites, we can get it to page one eventually. We may also be able to give you a broad time frame for that based on the keyword difficulty and competition levels but for the better keywords, it will almost certainly be measured in months, rather than weeks.

The cost of SEO by SEO Sydney depends on your business. Primarily, how much work is involved in the SEO process given the competition in your specific industry. The free Sydney SEO audit of your website will tell us what we need to do to deliver the results you want.

For a quote, call us or email and we can work out what you need. We have extremely competitive pricing.

SEO Sydney Pro will endeavor to make the process of SEO as clear to you as possible. While doing that, SEO Sydney Pro are working to save you money. If you are serious about SEO and gaining your share of the market SEO Sydney Pro is the company you need. Our SEO experts are professional and highly experienced to manage your SEO campaign.

Not if you don’t want a contract. While contracts can show a commitment by both sides, we also want you to be comfortable with our SEO process. Our success stories ensure that we are comfortable enough offering our SEO services without a long-term agreement.

Whenever you create a backlink you can have it appear simply as the raw URL like this: ‘’. There are many reasons why this is desirable including wanting to avoid over optimisation. Google gets suspicious when all it sees is anchor text in backlinks, so having a percentage of back-links using the raw URL will help give you a diverse back-link profile.

When you use anchor text, instead of seeing the raw URL, a piece of text is seen, and it is usually a different colour to the text around it. This text is usually a keyword or keyword phrase, that you want to rank for. The link must be created using a specific format as follows:

<a href=”“>SEO Sydney Pro</a>

The anchor text is ‘SEO Sydney Pro’ and this is what the person will see on the page. If they click it, they will be taken to the website at

This is going to vary enormously depending on the industry, niche or marketplace you are in. There are many factors which will determine the ROI such as the keyword difficulty of those you wish to target, the level of your competition, the town or city you are located in, the number of searches a keyword gets, and even how much your product or service costs.

For example, you get optimized for the search term ‘wedding dress sydney’ and it brings 100 visitors to your website which is the same number as visit a website targeting ‘hairdresser sydney’, The fact that the price of a wedding dress is hundreds of dollars more than hair styling might be may suggest that your ROI is greater. However, what if the time, effort and work required to get your 100 visitors was significantly higher than for the hairdressing site, and thus their SEO costs were much lower?

This is why any reputable Sydney SEO expert will always tailor their SEO services and the cost of that service to each individual client’s business and why a ‘one size fits all’ approach needs to be looked at with extreme caution.